Who's Winning Your Bodies Inflammation War?

Disease and weight loss may be determined by the winner.

Your bodies Arachs fight your Eicos everyday!

What - you’ve never heard of them? But they live inside you and fight for Princess Cox!?

Who wins this cellular battle may determine:

  • Skin and hair health

  • Weight gain or loss

  • Happiness

  • Intelligence and memory

  • Development of chronic diseases

Like most fights, strength in numbers will determine the winner.

If the COX enzyme is activated by omega-6s an inflammatory response occurs. Calming and anti-inflammatory signals are released if the COX enzyme is activated by omega-3s.

If you eat too much processed food full of oil, soy and omega-6 fatty acids the Arachs ( aka Arachadonic Acid or AA) will win and your body will be in a perpetual state of inflammation.

If you eat fish like salmon, mackeral or take fish oil every day, the omega-3 Eicos (aka Eicosapentaenoic acid or EPA) will rule your heart and health.

Inflammation is actually good when an injury first occurs. It alerts the police, aka white blood cells, to come to the scene. But after awhile however the inflammation needs to go away. It’s like when emergency vehicles stick around long after a traffic accident and cause traffic jams for hours.

The body needs to be told to put out the fire and inflammation so traffic can start moving. The Eicos (EPA) and omega-3s are the bodies fire fighters.

The omega-3 EPA is linked to reduced inflammation and by association a reduction in diseases and symptoms caused by chronic inflammation like:

  • Coronary artery disease (Heart attacks)

  • Diabetes

  • Cancer

  • Alzhemiers

The only way to know whether omega-3s or omega-6s are winning your bodies inflammation war is to test you personal Omega levels with the Omega Blood Score.

Don’t worry if the omega-6 Arachs (AA) are winning right now.

Start eating fish 2 times per week and/or taking 1000mg per day of EPA+DHA omega-3 fish oil.

In 3-4 months test your levels again.

Long Live the Omega-3 Eico's!