"Patients who walk in my door have a terrible omega-6:omega-3 levels

Omega-3 expert Jay Cowin was interviewed by Omega Blood Score. Jay is the owner of Functional U which is a complete health management Clinic offering overall optimal health programs as well as full cleanse and detox programs. https://functionalu.ca/

Jay Cowin has helped hundreds of patients improve their health naturally in British Colombia, Canada.

Jay discusses the importance of a balanced omega-3 ratio, why you need to test and not just take omega-3s and the amazing results he has seen over the years.

Michael - Omega Blood Score – “When did you first become aware of the benefits of proper Omega-3 levels?”

Jay – Functional U – “I accumulated a lifetime’s worth of concussions by my mid 20’s through rugby and semi-pro soccer. A severe concussion at 28 was the domino that set of crippling migraine headaches, terrible joint pain, lethargy, daily heartburn and extreme nausea after most meals.

My illness led me down the pathway of specialists in the “Sick Care” system for 3 years. Not one doctor could find the source of my issues.

Anti depressants were the most commonly offered “solution”. I was not depressed. I was distraught because my young body was failing.

I finally met a Doctor who diagnosed me with a rare inflammatory disease called Relapsing Polycondritis. This wise doctor prescribed me with Omega-3 fish oils and together we began a nutrition led path to recovery and health.

Omega Blood Score “ Wow that’s an amazing testimonial. What were your initial omega-3 levels?”

Jay “They were terrible! I had a 20:1 ratio of the omega-6 AA: Omega-3 EPA. This means that for every 1 anti-inflammatory omega-3 molecule I had there was 20 inflammatory causing omega-6 molecules.

Guess whether inflammation or anti-inflammation was winning?

Sadly I’ve come to learn this is not an uncommon situation. Most patients who walk in my door have a similarly terrible, high omega-6:omega-3 profile.”

Michael – “What are some of the common symptoms you see in people with poor omega-3 levels?”

Jay – “Asthma is a big one. Asthma is often caused by chronic lung inflammation. If someone is having trouble breathing Omega-3s often clear this right up.

Poor eyesight is another common omega-3 related issue. If someone walks in with glasses it always tips me off that their omega-3 ratio may be out of whack. The retina is nearly 100% omega-3 DHA.

Three older woman I work with are reducing their glasses prescription after starting omega-3s.

Allergies and joint pain are inflammation related health problems that omega-3s help correct.

Bad skin is another common issue. Woman spend all this money on fancy oils and creams to put on their skin. They are amazed by the results of consuming healthy oil and nourishing their skin from the inside. The cost effectiveness of fish oil vs make-up also makes them happy!

Michael – “How do omega-3s improve these conditions?”

Jay – “Omega-3s work by correcting your cell membrane. Cell membranes are supposed to be soft and fluid. Diets full of omega-6s and cholesterol leave them rigid and hard.

Your hormone receptors are embedded into your cell membrane.

Cell Membrane - The Yellow Tails are the Omega-3 Fatty Acid

Without omega-3s your cell membranes become these crusty dried up messes that don’t respond to hormones properly. This screws up your insulin sensitivity, and estrogen and testosterone levels… everything!

Your whole hormone system is effected if your omega-3 levels are low and cell membranes aren’t fluid. This causes systemic health issues.”

Michael - “So why do people need to test their omega-3 levels? Why not just take 2 fish oil pills a day and assume you’re okay?”

Jay – “Everyone’s body metabolizes fish oil differently. Where you’re from and what your ancestors ate has a major impact on your bodies needs.

My wife is of Filipino decent. Her ancestors grew up eating shallow, warm-water white fish with less omega-3s. Her levels are fine with just 2 pills a day.

I’m Scandinavian and my ancestors ate fatty cold-water fish full of omega-3s. My body and genetics need 7 pills a day!

If we didn’t test our levels, we wouldn’t know about our individual needs. Dose matter with nutrients just like with traditional medicine.”

Michael – “What levels do you look for when you read a patients Omega Blood Score report?”

Jay – “First and foremost I always look at the omega-6:omega-3 ratio. I want this to be at, or below, 4.

Remember my initial level when I was terribly sick was 20:1. That’s 5 times higher than I now recommend!

Next, I look at the DHA value. Nearly 50% of the brain is made of DHA and if you want to improve memory, concentration and focus this is a great place to start. DHA also helps improve eye sight and fertility.

Aim for a DHA level above 7.

Arachidonic acid (AA) is the most common omega-6 in processed foods. Aim for a level below 9.

Michael – “ One final question Jay, why should readers take the Omega Blood Score today?”

Jay – “If you want to achieve optimal health and optimal cell function you must first correct your cell membrane, period.”

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