6 Ways Omega-3s Help You Lose weight and Burn Fat

You deserve an advantage in your quest to lose weight. We'll show you the 6 ways fish oil helps you lose weight and keep it off.

What are omega-3s?

Omega-3s are unique molecules in the body because one half loves water and the other half loves oil. Normally molecules are one or the other (polar vs. non-polar). Omega-3s are part of every cell membrane in the human body. It's important to know that omega-3s were consumed in MUCH higher quantities when humans were developing. Our brains and bodies are wired to use more omega-3s than Westerners give them.

So, how does this ancient, healthy fat lead to losing weight and fat?

1. Omega-3s Help You Naturally Burn more Calories

while Resting AND Exercising! You can burn more calories while on the tred mill and couch! Too good to be true?

In a Canadian clinical trial, Scientists found participants taking fish oil had a 14% higher metabolic rate. Your metabolic rate is the rate at which you burn calories. 14% is a huge advantage!

This is the equivalent of 187 calories per day.

Don't forget your metabolic rate is going all day and night.

Imagine burning almost 15% more calories while you sleep.

Scientists have also found that energy expenditure during exercise increased 10% with fish oil supplementation.

If you have enough omega-3s you’ll lose more weight doing the same exercises you're already doing.

Next time you’re at the restaurant or grocery store "Go Fish".

2. Increase Fat Burned 27%! Scientists found participants who took fish oil pills increased their rate of fat oxidation during exercise by 27%. Fish oil patients were burning a quarter more fat than their non-fish oil peers.

Fish oil weight loss

Imagine if for every 4 pounds of FAT you lost, you lost a bonus pound. How much extra FAT could you have lost?

Lose 10 lbs. instead of 8 lbs.! 15 not 12.

This is one of our favorite parts about fish oil. It actually changes your genes and tells your body to use fat as a fuel (like a keto diet).

If you have proper fish oil levels your body won’t store as much fat. Fish oil tells your body to burn bad fats thanks to your new good fats. It’s a little confusing.

These amazing fat burning benefits of proper omega-3 levels extended beyond the gym. Those taking fish oil burned 19% more fat while resting.

Omega-3s differ from other weight loss supplements because they naturally target fat.

3. Fish Keeps your Belly Full

Research actually shows omega-3s increase the feeling of being full (satiety).

Omega-3s increase the feeling of being full immediately and 2 hours after a meal.

One of the hardest parts of dieting is the constant hunger. Your will power gets pushed to the limit. Fish oil makes this easier by naturally helping you feel full.

If you eat enough fish and fish oil, your body won’t want to eat as much. It's much easier to rely on your will power when you don’t feel so damn hungry.

Participants in a 2007 study felt less hungry 2 hours after the same meal as their peers if they had been taking fish oil.

If you don’t want to feel hungry all the time and want to feel full, make sure you have enough omega-3s with the omega blood score.

You can order a test to tell you if your omega-3 levels are correct here: www.omegabloodscore.com

4. Gain Less Weight per Calorie you Eat

Australian scientists studying obesity discovered mice on an Omega-3 diet had the lowest weight gain per unit energy intake.

Imagine you are cloned. Clone1 takes fish oil. Clone2 does not.

Both imaginary clones eat the delicious cup cake in the window of the bakery you walk by everyday. Fish oil Clone1 will gain less weight than non-fish oil Clone2.

You should take fish oils…just in case.

These Australian researchers concluded omega-3s may be beneficial for reducing obesity.

They found Omega-3s:

  • Suppress appetite

  • Improve circulation

  • Enhanced fat burning

  • Burn more energy

  • Reduce fat deposits

  • Increase lean muscle through a shift in metabolism and gene transcription

5. Smaller Fat cells and Less Belly Fat

Having a high Omega Blood Score is related to lower abdominal obesity and physically smaller fat cells.

Research shows there is a relationship between the size of a fat cell and the amount of omega-3s in the fat cells membranes. Remember, omega-3s are in the membrane of every single cell in your body. Having enough of them is important.

Omega-3s were also found to be associated with waist circumference. Having more omega-3s meant a smaller waist.

A big belly was associated with low omega-3 levels.

These scientists concluded that omega-3s are negatively associated with obesity.


If you’re trying to lose weight you can give yourself a natural edge by taking a fish oil supplement and eating fatty fish 2 times per week.

Science shows fish oil helps you burn more energy and fat while working out and resting. Omega-3s also make you feel fuller. This is a winning fat burning formula.

You can learn what your actual omega-3 levels are quickly from your own home using the Omega Blood Score test.

When you get your report you will know if you could more easily be burning fat .

Taking the test now will also let you track how your omega-3 levels (and fat burning potential) change over time.


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