6 Easy Steps

1. Read Instructions


Brief instructions explain how to safely and quickly use your Omega Blood Score kit. 

4. Prick Finger


Press the lancet against the side of the middle or ring finger. You will feel a slight sting.

2. Your Information 

Fill out your information on the "Client Release Form". 
This ensures you get your results.

Omega Blood Score - Blood Drop.png
5. Collect Blood

The Lab only requires 4-5 drops of blood to determine your complete fatty acid profile.

3. Clean Hands

Wash your hands with warm water and soap. Clean the sample finger with the alcohol wipe.

6. Mail Sample


Shipping is free and convenient. Put your sample in the bio bag with the prepaid & addressed label.
Drop your sample off at any UPS location.

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send sample.jpg

 How it Works 

Receive Results


Get smarter, healthier and happier using your personal Omega Blood Score results. Reports emailed in 1-2 weeks.

Send Sample to Lab

A free pre-paid shipping label is included in your kit. 

Receive Kit 


The kit will arrive at your door within a week of ordering.

Order Online


Take 2 minutes to order your Omega Blood Score kit.

It's the best deal online and not available at the Doctor's.

Sample Report - JPG.jpg

Based on your Omega-3 levels, the first page of the report shows you your risk of:


  • Sudden Cardiac Death

  • Heart Disease

  • Protection Against a Heart Attack 

The Omega Check shows your risk of sudden cardiac death based on a 2002 Harvard Study.

If you are in the low risk category your risk of developing heart disease is reduced 32%.

Will a Heart Attack Kill You?

Will you develop Heart Disease?

Death by Stroke or Heart attack

A 70% reduced risk of death from coronary heart disease was observed if you serum phospholipid levels are in the low range.

Are you Protected Against a
Heart Attack? 

If your red blood cells have an omega-3 value of 8-11% you have the greatest protection against sudden myocardial infarction. 

Sample Report

Complete Fatty Acid Profile

Sample Report page 2 - JPG.jpg

Page 2 of your Omega Blood Score report provides a complete fatty acid profile including:

  • ALA

  • EPA

  • DHA 

  • AA 

Is your diet leaving you

chronically inflamed?

Cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer's have all been linked to perpetual states of inflammation. AA, aka Arachidonic acid, is a pro-inflammatory omega-6 fatty acid.


Modern processed food is full of inflammation causing AA via vegetable oils. 

Stop Inflammation

EPA, aka Eicosapentaenoic acid, is an anti-inflammatory omega-3. EPA competes with AA for the same enzyme determining whether inflammation continues or stops. 

The Inflammation Scale

The AA:EPA ratio shows whether pro or anti inflammation is more likely to occur. You want a low ratio around 4:1. Modern diets typically leave cells at a 15:1ratio and result in life long inflammation. 

Want a bigger Brain? 

DHA, aka Docosahexaenoic acid, is the longest omega-3 fatty acid. DHA makes up 15% of your entire brain. DHA allows you to make memories and good decisions. 

Studies show DHA levels in infants are correlated with their speed of development and good behaviour.